Paradiso Pop Up

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This past August we celebrated our very first year as a store and it seems as though we will be celebrating just as many ‘firsts’ this upcoming year. So far we've launched our first website, created our first look book and even started our own blog and YouTube channel; if I didn’t know any better, I’d say we have some big things headed our way. And since we’re making note of all our ‘firsts’, why not add one more to the list.

Our very first...



I’m pretty sure we’re all aware that pop up shops have become a craze but were taking it a step further with our own online pop up shop. What exactly is an online pop up shop? All week long our website ( will be turned into a blog featuring posts that share our newest arrivals, how to’s and the ever so popular #ootd but then our shop will replace our blog and you will be able to purchase and recreate what we shared with you all week long for special deals!

So get ready and follow along!